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          ursinus bring your own device

          computer recommendations

          below is some info that may help with your computer purchasing decision. there are also options to purchase from one of the vendors we’ve made arrangements with at the below link

          accessing software remotely

          you can also run certain software applications remotely on campus in a windows environment through apporto.

          accessing/mapping the ursinus shared drives, also referred to as the “s” drive.

          mapping a drive means that you want permanent access to a folder that is currently residing on another computer, server, or network storage device. windows will assign a new drive letter to the folder and it can be accessed just like any other drive connected to your computer. mac will add a link/icon for the drive.

          connect.ursinus.edu - your okta login

          after following the above link, enter the information requested to sign in on the webpage by entering your ursinus username, and password, then click ‘sign in’. logging into okta gives access to the applications and web pages you may use often.


          first-year student checklist


          for computers available for purchase through one of our vendors, please click here:

          computer purchase options


          for a list of software used and provided on campus, please click here:

          available software


          please note:

          microsoft office* - full personal installation available free of charge via web install. instructions for installation of ms-office.

          *microsoft office is provided free of charge as part of our campus agreement. so, regardless of the computer you purchase, or where you purchase, you do not need to purchase this additional software resulting in significant cost savings.

          office 365 information -

          office 365 provides access to a variety of microsoft applications in addition to the standard microsoft office products.

          most of the office 365 applications can be downloaded to your device or accessed online.

          available with your ursinus login and password.


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