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          holiday schedule

          administrative holidays are determined each february or march for the upcoming fiscal year (july 1-june 30).

          administrative holidays for 2020-2021

          the ursinus college holidays for 2020-2021 are as follows:

          friday, july 3

          thursday, november 26

          friday, november 27

          monday, december 21

          tuesday, december 22

          wednesday, december 23

          thursday, december 24

          friday, december 25

          monday, december 28

          tuesday, december 29

          wednesday, december 30

          thursday, december 31

          friday, january 1

          monday, january 18

          monday, may 31

          the college will be open on labor day, and classes will be in session. however, effective july 1, 2020, employees are granted a floating holiday in recognition of the services provided on labor day. this floating holiday may be used at any time during the fiscal year (july 1, 2020 through june 30, 2021).

          all college buildings will be closed during the winter holiday (december 21 – january 1). administrative employees may be asked to work one or more of these days to complete essential year-end business. they will receive compensatory holidays at a time to be arranged with their supervisor.


          human resources

          email the office

          kelley williams
          director of human resources

          cale nelson
          associate director of human resources

          gia victorino
          benefits administration specialist

          kim magers
          administrative coordinator

          610-409-3204 - fax

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