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          Faculty and Staff

          What’s happening

          Campus Walk 同 Banners

          Important Notices Regarding Campus Operating Status

          Letter to faculty from Mark Schneider - Monday, March 16.

          Campus update - Friday, March 13

          L它 Survey on Training for Remote Learning, Teaching & Working

          L它 is running a Teaching, Learning, and Working Remotely survey focused on your most significant needs. The survey will both share information about L它 support and gather information about common needs that might be served as a group (e.g. testing out 帆布 Conferences).
          Computer mobility, internet communication and cloud computing concept: white laptop 同 cloud of...

          New Working Remotely Web Page from L它

          包括 brand-new Teaching Remotely 帆布 course   同 best practices for teaching remotely, instructions on how to use the features recommended in this week’s training sessions, a place for faculty to discuss and share ideas 同 each other on teaching remotely, and a place for faculty to test 帆布 Conferences.

          Recording of Lunch & Learn

          The rough cut of the recording from the March 13, Lunch & Learn that engaged more than 70 participants is now available. The event begins at the 10 minute mark so please start there.

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